Erdogan targeted those who oppose Kanal Istanbul: They are incompetent, useless!

Continuing to defend the Kanal Istanbul project, stating that it will irreparably damage the nature of Istanbul, President Erdoğan from the AKP called those who reacted to the project, “They are incompetent, useless”.
Erdogan targeted those who oppose Kanal Istanbul: They are incompetent, useless!

AKP Chairperson and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, “They are useless, they are useless,” to those who oppose the Kanal Istanbul project.

Erdoğan attended the Bartın – Kurucaşile Road Opening Ceremony via live link.

“While we plan and implement our transportation projects, we not only use a scalpel to tackle today’s problems, but also act with a perspective that will guarantee the future of our country,” said Erdogan, adding, “When we took office, 10 governments and 17 ministers, who were discussing the construction of a potato warehouse, used the Bolu Tunnel as a record. “We brought Asia and Europe together under the sea twice by commissioning the project of the century, the Marmaray and Eurasia Tunnel,” he said.

Arguing that they implemented all the projects despite the opposition’s obstacles, Erdoğan said, “Those who oppose the Vatan Street saying, ‘Are you going to land a plane here’, criticize the GAP Project as ‘doing the rights of the nation’, those who say ‘you are making a lake for frogs’ for the Keban Dam, and the July 15 Martyrs’ Bridge? Those who labeled “the minority will pass”, those who resorted to every way to block the second bridge built by the late Özal, those who made fun of him by saying, “Can an airport be built where the plane doesn’t land,” and today’s representatives of this mentality were also against us in the 19 years we left behind. Sometimes through the courts. They tried to sabotage every project that will bring our country through a new age, sometimes with a frenzy of lies and sometimes with street events.”

In the continuation of his words, targeting those who oppose Kanal Istanbul, the President of the AKP said, “We see that these incompetent people, who do not know anything but a bird but a crow, are still opposing the Kanal Istanbul project with the same motives.”

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