The Turkish government does not respect the law on the increase of the pensions which it drafted. In the past, TUIK data was partially correct, so the theft was less.

TUIK inflation data (83.4%) for one year
ENAG data (186.2%) CORRECT, Court decision rendered.
So what does this mean, 186.2 – 83.4 = 102.8%


If I get a pension of 3500 TL, with TUIK figure – my new salary is 3500 x 83.4% = 6419

If the same salary is made with ENAG inflation, 3500 x 186.2% = 10,017 TL

Calculate the difference yourself. How many months has the government stolen from our pocket (13 million pensioners).

Our fathers, who work all their lives, are now paid less than the minimum wage (SMIC). THIS UNACCEPTABLE

Data and comparisons 2020 – 2021 and 2022.


The lowest Bağ-Kur and SGK pensions –
TurkStat announced inflation from January to June 2020 and the increases became clear. As a result, workers and pensioners in Bağ-Kur and agriculture will receive a 5.75% wage increase in July.
Last minute… How much will the 2020 pension increase rates be? Here is the detailed table
With the increase, in the second half of the year, the salary of the lowest pensioner of SSK will increase to 2,341 lira, the pension of the lowest pensioner of Bağ-Kur will increase to 2,000 99 lira, and the pension of the lowest agricultural pensioner will increase to 1,586 lire.


The conundrum of the lowest pensions: pensions are melting against the minimum wage
euronews • 02/01/2022
There are about 13 million pensioners in Turkey. While it is debatable whether pensions are enough to live on, the lowest pension is a complete puzzle. According to the Social Security Institution (SGK) data (before the 2022 increase), the lowest pension was 2,260 TL, while the Association of Turkish Pensioners (TUED) announced that this amount was 1,500TL. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, meanwhile, reminds on every occasion that the minimum pension has been increased to 1,500 TL.

**Lowest pension continues to decline against minimum wage. So how much have pensions increased over the last 20 years? How has the lowest pension evolved compared to the minimum wage?
As Turkey enters 2022 with hikes in electricity, natural gas and fuel prices, millions of retirees have their eyes on wage increases. Unions and associations argue that the lowest pension is insufficient to live on and that pensions should be improved. But even with the lowest pension available, there is complexity.
According to SSI data;
4-a lowest pension was 2 thousand 327 TL in January 2021, while it increased to 2 thousand 523 TL in July.
The lowest 4-b repo was 2,000.84 TL in January 2021, while it rose to 2,000.226 TL in July.
While the lowest 4-c pension was 2,000,904 lira in January 2021, it rose to 3,000,150 TL in July.



What is the increase in the minimum pension, what percentage will it be?
Here are the answers…
The rise in pensions for the January 2023 accounts has begun. Inflation rates for July, August and September were determined by TURKSTAT. The rate of pension increase, which will be announced at the end of the remaining 3 months, will be decisive for the new pension. January’s increase, which should be below the rate of inflation, is highly anticipated. Messages that citizens will not be crushed by inflation shape expectations for increased SSK and Bağ-Kur pensions. So how much will the pension increase be? Here, new accounts
The rates for retirees and civil servants on the July hike were as follows:
Inflation rate over 6 months: 42.35
July SSK and Bağ-Kur hike: 42.35
Civil servant inflation difference: 34.85
Increase in the collective agreement for civil servants: 7
Rate of increase for civil servants and retirees: 41.68

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