LVMH will POLLUTE #Bodrum against advice from LAWS, with counterfeiter #Cengiz #construction…

We wanted to keep it simple in our July 14 article.
I think it’s time to write the whole reality to make BULGARI aware, who is simply on the wrong investment choice. It’s even #LVMH that is taking a big risk.

I remind you that #Bulgari belongs to the #LVMH Group, which owns the brands ” #Céline, #Christian Lacroix, #Kenzo, #Givenchi, Fendi, Dora Karan (fashion and leather goods), #Christian #Dior, #Guerlain (perfumery and cosmetics ), #Tag Heuer, Chaumet, #Tiffany & Co (watches and jewelry), the brands #Moët and Chandon, Dom Pérignon, Canard-Duchêne, Ruinart, #Pommery…”.

First, all these known brands risk being strongly influenced in the #boycotts by all the Social Democrat population.

Secondly, let me be clear, with the elections in a few months, @Erdogan and @AKP will lose, so are forger buddy #cengiz too.

Thirdly, all the LOBYTURC in Europe risk getting involved.
712 euro on the stock exchange to date….

admin Posted Jul 14, 2022

Looting of Cennet Bay by Cengiz İnşaat: despite objections, decision “EIA is not necessary” was made
It has been decided that “EIA is not necessary” for the tourist facility and residence that Cengiz İnşaat plans to build on a protected land of 678,000 square meters in Cennet Bay in Gölköy district of Bodrum . The State Council has twice decided to cancel the Cengiz İnşaat project in Cennet Bay.

Mehmet Cengiz’s son came out of the accident like murder, he wasn’t even taken into custody!
In an accident involving businessman Mehmet Cengiz’s son, Ahmet Cengiz, in Üsküdar Kısıklı last July, 20-year-old Musa Akan, who was sitting behind his motorcycle courier friend, lost his life. Ahmet Cengiz was not even taken into custody after the accident.

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