Their houses were taken from them, the feast was poisoned

The feast was poisonous to the people of Izmir Bergama. An urgent expropriation decision was taken for 134 parcels on the grounds that creek rehabilitation will be carried out in the historical Ulu Cami Neighborhood. Citizens who made a protest said, “They are taking our houses with a decision from the top, without any explanation. “We don’t want our houses to be demolished for someone’s profit,” he said.
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Updated: 14:07, 20/07/2021

Their houses were taken from them, the feast was poisoned

For the project to be carried out under the leadership of the State Hydraulic Works, an emergency expropriation decision was made for 134 parcels in the Ulu Cami District of Izmir’s Beergama District, with the decision of the Presidency.

It was decided to expropriate and demolish many houses and workplaces in the Ulu Cami Neighborhood on the grounds that rehabilitation and restoration will be carried out in the ancient Selinos Canal.

After the decision in question was published in the Official Gazette, the citizens, who did not want to lose their homes and shops, protested on the first day of the holiday.


During the action on the Tabakhane Bridge, residents of the neighborhood carried banners with the words “I love my home, I want my place”, “Don’t touch our history, our neighborhood!”, “The Selinos Project will grow if we exist”, “Word, authority, decision to the people of the neighborhood”.

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