ZeroBuild Turkey21

“The world is waiting for a solution, Solution: Zero Energy Buildings” ……

ZeroBuild Forum is an online virtual event that aims to review our climate emergency and reflect on our solutions to it with Zero Energy Buildings.

The 5-day event will feature sessions by multinational pioneer practitioners and hundreds of inspiring presentations and opportunities for collaboration.

ZeroBuild Forum presentations will discuss building relationships with net zero targets, building certifications, the latest energy efficient building technologies, and real case design and performance. Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Designers, Building Owners, Operators, Public Officials and Municipal Representatives and Technology Companies will find the following topics in the forum;

Zero Energy Building concept,

The relationship between buildings and Zero Energy targets.

Examining case studies to understand the strategies used to design and construct a Zero Energy Building.

The role of the public in achieving Zero Energy Buildings,

The ZeroBuild Forum includes strategic objectives, definitions, courses of action, and key principles guiding actions to support the transformation towards 100% Zero Energy Buildings and ensure harmony and partnership among all parties

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