Young people do not vote for AKP!

The field research for the youth revealed that the main problem of the population under the age of 30 is unemployment and lack of access to education. Young people said they would vote for those who promise to find jobs and access education.
Young people do not vote for AKP!


Youth’s Political Preferences Survey, conducted in partnership with the Youth Organizations Forum (GoFor) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in Turkey, revealed that even the most basic needs of young people cannot be met. In a field survey conducted by MetroPoll, young people stated that they will vote for those who promise to find jobs and access quality education.

According to the “Youth Political Preferences Survey” by the two organisations, the under-30 population has felt increasingly dissatisfied over the past few years, “disappointed” by the lack of social and economic opportunities for their well-being and future.


The research report, which also discussed the participation of young people in local administrations and politics, included the following findings:

4 out of 10 young people stated that they would like to participate in the consultation meetings on local scholarships, employment and job finding support.

While 68.9 percent of the young people included in the research advocate that there should be youth quotas in municipal councils, 61.5 percent of them think that social media tools are one of the most effective ways for young people to participate in local decision-making mechanisms.

It is seen that the state of anxiety that dominates the majority of young people in participation in politics is increasing with the addition of young women. 70 percent of the youth state that women receive less support from party leaders. “Does sexual harassment prevent women from succeeding in politics?” It was observed that 41.9% of the young people answered the question “I totally agree”.


When young people were asked about their most important election promises, 48.3 percent

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