WWF: Turkey can set an example with big steps

WWF-Turkey (World Wildlife Fund) emphasized in the ‘Protected Areas’ report published on May 22, World Biodiversity Day, while the ratio of protected areas in Europe to the area of ​​the country is over 25 percent, this figure is only 8.7 percent in Turkey.

Updated on: 16:29, 22/05/2021

WWF: Turkey can set an example with big steps
The report titled ‘If We Do Not Protect, We Lose: For a Sustainable Turkey Target: 30 percent by 2030, published by WWF-Turkey, was announced before May 22, which was declared by the United Nations as the Day of Biological Diversity, due to the acceptance of the Convention on Biological Diversity.


In the report, the new moves towards increasing protected areas and their reasons are summarized as follows:

The goals set since the adoption of the “Convention on Biological Diversity (1992) and the efforts made for 30 years have slowed the extinction process in nature somewhat, but it was not enough to reverse the downward trend in biodiversity loss. According to WWF’s Living Planet Report 2020, vertebrate living populations have decreased by 68 percent in the last 50 years. The 2019 report of the Intergovernmental Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Science and Policy Platform (IPBES) also revealed that 1 million living species in the world are under threat. “

2020 TARGETS ARE NOT REACHED ….. continued link


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