What is Environmental Pollution?


what is environmental pollution
By Ecologist

Environmental pollution is not a new problem for our world, but it continues to become the biggest problem facing the world and humanity day by day. Urbanization, industrialization, mining and non-use of natural resources with sustainable methods are the biggest causes of global environmental pollution. So what is environmental pollution threatening our planet that has existed for millions of years?
What is Environmental Pollution?

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1 What is Environmental Pollution?
    1.1 What are the Sources of Environmental Pollution?
    1.2 Types of Environmental Pollution
        1.2.1 Air Pollution
        1.2.2 Water Pollution
        1.2.3 Soil Pollution
        1.2.4 Radioactive Pollution
        1.2.5 Noise Pollution
   Click for Details: What is Noise Pollution? What are the effects?
        1.2.6 Light Pollution
        1.2.7 Thermal pollution
    1.3 The Effect of Environmental Pollution on Living Living
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Environmental pollution is the entry of pollutants that may come in the form of energy such as chemicals, noise, heat or light that cause harm or discomfort to humans or other living organisms or harm the environment. Pollutants can be naturally occurring substances or energies, but are considered to be pollutants when they exceed natural levels.
What are the Sources of Environmental Pollution?


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