We are in revolt against violence

Calling for the 25 November International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the women said, “We are rebelling against those who impose poverty and violence on us.”

We are in revolt against violence


Women began to prepare for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, 25 November. The women who took to the streets just days before 25 November made a call to meet in the fields against male-state violence.

At the press conference held by the Ankara Women’s Platform at the Mulkiyeler Union, it was pointed out that those who create the culture of impunity are responsible for the murders. In the statement, it was said, “We continue to want the whole of life, not the crumbs, in spite of those who impose poverty and violence on us as destiny and try to make our lives unlivable,” and underlined that the government uses violence as a systematic political tool instead of preventing it. The statement included the following statements: “The government is trying to intimidate women with its attacks on acquired rights. LGBTI+s, on the other hand, are targeted and subjected to hate crimes by ministers, Diyanet and other state institutions, especially during the abolition of the Istanbul Convention. In the face of all these attacks, we women and LGBTI+s do not give up on our rights or our lives, we increase our struggle together.”


Adana Women’s Platform watched the play called Mixed Cassette as part of the November 25 events. The women who made a press statement in front of the Adana Metropolitan Municipality Theater Hall, where the play will be staged, stated that they are united against violence. Women, “Violence and hate crimes against LGBTI+s continue with all their weight. Everywhere, from houses to streets, from workplaces to schools, is a place of violence.”

Despite the police blocking it in Istanbul Sultangazi…


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