The laws of the hands and clean pockets in Turkey.

Is the AKP soon KAP (dirty money)?

Some businessmen, and politicians, digital on black silver whitening. Yokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (as well as their Turkey).

Virgin Islands, Bahamas Islands, closer to the Malta Islands.

How do you tell Turkcu, “Name of the stage, my dear,” In our name, it was out of our property, but it’s not much more.

Punishment more severe to whiten the carpass. The money laundering in Turkey in Turkey 2 years in prison at age 5.

This event is a very strong tax loss for Turkey.

How to punish other countries in the world. Why are we afraid of the United States from us?

Who, what punished?

According to the determinations of Masak with Turkey in some countries with some countries in some countries, sanctions for sanctions:
-Türkiye: 2 years in prison at age 5. 1 solid fines of a laughing black currency.

-Abd: up to 20 years in prison, $ 500,000 or the amount of the transaction for crimes entering the 1956 section. For crimes entering the 1957 department with up to 10 years of imprisonment and fine.

-Almania: according to the weight of the crime, 5 to 10 years in prison in mind for this purpose. If the treated whitening crime is due to negligence, up to 2 years imprisonment or fine.

France: if the amount of Carpara exceeds 10,000 euros, and if it is not taxable.
Penalty: 5 mini-years in prison and 750,000 euros go well. (current data)

In our country of our country, why the money is removed easily.
Look what you have involved and continue.

(Swiss leaks) Swiss leaks: all you need to know

Anyone wants to hear the cases of tax evasion that affect both high-level people and that existing business owners must have heard Swiss leaks. But what is the scandal of Swiss leaks, which is really in your work? Here are the ones you need to know about it. The pieces were missing from the Geneva Bank HSBC.

Follow the link down, I will say that you can be forbidden for you to say.
Researcher of international journalists. After this message, we can come to the prohibition.
Containers with Luxembourg. The lists are reached. I become familiar with a Türk, Luxembourg also evaluates financial data (such as the way).

Find out who is behind 785,000 companies abroad from Panama documents, offshore leaks, Bahamas leaks and requests for paradise, founding and trust documents.

Familiar names have a lot. Here is you looking for it. You read the names of the largest and businesses.
Although the real document lost the court in Tüulki … no comments

These links are real. If unopened Turkey has censorship.

This is the latest news more recent. The article was waiting for cooking, it’s time.

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