The facility has been poisoning the environment for years, Kirklareli Turkey

The SELEDA Biogas and Fertilizer Integrated Plant in Kırklareli is practically massacring by pouring the wastes it carries to Müsellim Creek by vacuum trucks. Fish deaths occur frequently in the black flowing stream.

The facility has been poisoning the environment for years


In the village of Müsellim in the Babaeski District of Kırklareli, a massacre is carried out by SELEDA Biogas Energy. According to the claim of the villagers, the wastes brought by the sewage truck by the SELEDA Biogas and Fertilizer Integrated Facility established in Kumrular Village are dumped into the village’s vital source, Müsellim Creek. These spilled wastes cause the stream to run black and frequent fish deaths. The villagers, who make their living with agriculture and animal husbandry, are reactive to this massacre.

Stating that the facility was established in the region in 2017, Müsellim Village Headman Sabahat Bozkurt said, “We have repeatedly made complaints to Kırklareli Gendarmerie Command, Babaeski Agriculture and Forestry Directorate and Kırklareli Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization regarding the environmental pollution. Everyone avoided us by saying that it is not our responsibility. As a result of our insistence, it was said that the company was fined twice by the Kırklareli Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization. However, the company continues to pollute our stream and kill our fish ”.


Noting that the company releases waste to the stream with sewage trucks intermittently, Bozkurt said, “After the establishment of the facility, our stream started to flow black. Waste is dumped into the stream with sewage trucks. The stream flows clean as it comes from other villages. However, because of the wastes spilled in the village of Musellim, he used the expressions.


Claiming that the facility did not activate the treatment facilities, Bozkurt said, “I put the dead fish in jars and went to meet with the company. They said, “We will take precautions in this regard and even our treatment plant will be activated”. Is this facility not established to prevent environmental pollution caused by the irregular release of wastes to the nature? ” he reacted by asking.


Emphasizing the victimization experienced by the villagers, Bozkurt continued his words as follows: “I wake up to a phone every morning. “Have you seen the state of the stream?” We will start a signature campaign.

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