Tax havens versus global democracy

Jacques Fontanel

UNECON (St. Petersburg State University of Economics), Russia, April 2016.
Seminar, Free Institute for International Research Studies (ILERI), Paris, November 2016
CESICE, Grenoble, 2016


Globalization has allowed some unscrupulous countries to sell their sovereignty. These states are pursuing a “beggar-for-oneself” type policy which allows them to host a certain number of multinational company headquarters after particularly attractive financial tax negotiations with the governments in place. What are their methods, the guilty states, the multinational firms concerned, the cost for the public service, the violence of inequalities, the new insecurity for international health and the protection of the citizen? Tax havens threaten democracy.


This debate we want to open with all the publications so far.

We want to call it an ariticle that will be published: “HANDS OWN”

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