Tanker loaded with sulfuric acid overturned,

Chemical substance spilled into the environment In the İliç district of Erzincan, the tanker loaded with sulfuric acid, which was out of control of its driver, overturned. The chemical substance spilled from the vehicle to the side of the road was examined and cleaned by AFAD officials. 08 June 2019 Saturday 08:56 0 The accident occurred at the Kuruçay Kemah road junction of İliç district. The tanker loaded with 30 tons of sulfuric acid, whose driver could not be learned, got out of control and overturned. Meanwhile, chemicals were spilled from the vehicle into the environment. With the notification of the citizens, health, fire and AFAD teams were sent to the scene. While AFAD officers made chemical measurements of the spilled liquid on the roadside, the security forces also took security measures. After the investigations of the AFAD team, the tanker was removed from the road and the chemical substance was cleaned. An investigation has been launched into the accident, in which the driver survived unharmed.

< This News was Taken from Doğu Newspaper’s website>


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