SSRMINING – ANAGOLD Erzincan The beginning of the end

We wrote about the Erzincan GOLD Mine pollution risks in mid-April 2022 here. Time and analysis of the report proved us right in the cyanide leak accident. To date, the mine has been closed for several weeks. We were supported by the international press. This caused the market value of @SSRMINING – SSR Mining Inc. to drop by 56%.
The testament of the environmental associations is that the closure is permanent.

Ecocrime continues in Erzincan İliç! “They lead people to death”


Joint Statement by 75 Bars: Erzincan İliç Gold Mine Must Be Closed Immediately
In a joint statement, 75 bar associations demanded the closure of the gold mine owned by Anagold Madencilik, which was discharging cyanide into the Euphrates in Kapakler village in İliç district of Erzincan.


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