Ssrmining – Anagold Erzincan Raport Water

If you look at the photo from the report that must grant authorization to activate a gold mine, I already think that the photo gives us the indications of the danger.
Not to mention that “is saying” respect for the standards to indicate on this same report, we are made for less than nothing. There are many values ​​that are not taken into account


Have to write a report of 2582 with MANQUAND, erroneous and out of the laws, that’s a lot
I remind, Turkey is not a banana republic

Drinking water value of EUROPEAN UNION

Appendix I: Parameterized Parameters and Values
(Regulation (EC) No 596/2009 of 18 June 2009)
Part A: Microbiological Parameters
Parameter parameter parameters (number / 100 ml)
Escherichia coli (E. coli) o
Enterocquirts o
Waters sold in bottles or in containers must respect the values
Parameter parameter parameters
Escherichia coli (E. coli) 0/250 ml
Enterococci 0/250 ml
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa 0/250 ml
Colony content at 22 ° C 100 / ml
Colony content at 37 ° C 20 / ml
Part B: Chemical Parameters
(Corrigendum at the cheek n ° L 111 of 20 April 2001)
Value settings
parametric units notes

Acrylamide 0.10 μg / l Note 1
Antimony 5.0 μg / L
Arsenic 10 μg / L
Benzene 1.0 μg / l
Benzo (a) Pyrene 0 0.010 μg / L
Boron 1.0 mg / l
Bromates 10 μg / l Note 2
Cadmium 5.0 μg / l
Chrome 50 μg / L
Copper 2.0 mg / l Note 3
Cyanides 50 μg / L
1,2-dichloroethane 3.0 μg / L
Epichlorohydrine 0,10 μg / l Note 1
Fluorides 1.5 mg / L
Lead 10 μg / l notes 3 and 4
Mercury 1.0 μg / L
Nickel 20 μg / l Note 3
Nitrates 50 mg / l Note 5
Nitrites 0.50 mg / l Note 5
Pesticides 0.10 μg / L Notes 6 and 7
Total Pesticides 0.50 μg / L Notes 6 and 8
Aromatic hydrocarbons
polycyclics 0.10 μg / l are concentrations in
specified compounds; note 9
Selenium 10 μg / L
Tetrachloroethylene and
trichloroethylene 10 μg / l are concentrations of
Specified parameters
Total trihalomethanes
(THM) 100 μg / The sums of concentrations in
specified compounds; note 10
Vinyl chloride 0.5 μg / l Note 1
NOTE 1: The parametric value refers to the residual monometers concentration in the water, calculated in accordance with the specifications of the maximum migration of the corresponding polymer in contact with the water.

Note 2: If possible, without compromising disinfection, Member States should endeavor to obtain a lower value. For the waters referred to in Article 6 (1) (a), (b) and (d), the value must be respected no later than ten calendar years from the date of entry into force of this Directive. The parametric value for bromates during the period of between five and ten years from the entry into force of this Directive is 25 μg / l.

Note 3: This value applies to a water sample for human consumption, taken from the valve by an appropriate sampling method (1) so as to be representative of a weekly average value ingested by consumers. Where appropriate, the sampling and control methods are applied in accordance with a harmonized formula to develop in accordance with Article 7 (4) Member States shall take into account the frequency of maximum levels that may have negative effects on the health of people.

Note 4: For the waters referred to in Article 6 (1) (a), (b) and (d), the value must be respected no later than fifteen calendar years from the date of entry into force of this Directive. The parametric value applicable to lead is 25 μg / l during the period between five and fifteen years from the entry into force of this Directive. Member States shall ensure that all appropriate measures are taken to reduce the lead concentration in the waters for human consumption as much as possible during the period required to comply with the parametric value. In implementing measures to achieve this value, Member States gradually give priority to cases where lead concentrations in human consumption water are highest.

Note 5: Member States shall ensure that the condition according to which (nitrates) / 50 + (nitrites) / 3 or = to 1 (the concentration in mg / L for nitrates (NO3) and for nitrites (NO2) is Specified in square brackets) or the value is 0.10 mg / L for nitrites or water from the processing facilities.

Note 6: by “pesticides” means:

organic insecticides,
organic herbicides,
organic fungicides,
organic nematocides,
organic acaricides,
organic algicides,
organic rodenticides,
Organic antimoisissance products, …

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