SSR mining ANAGOLD Turkey

SSR Mining Inc is a mining company specializing in the extraction of precious metals in the Americas. More than half of Silver Standard’s revenue is attributable to gold production, with a significant portion coming from silver production. The Company owns and operates the Marigold Mine in Nevada, United States; the Seabee Gold Mine in Saskatchewan, Canada; and the Pirquitas mine in Argentina. The majority of gold production comes from the Marigold mine, and Silver Standard’s silver production comes mainly from the Pirquitas mine.

I believe that the will to hide the production in Turkey and the risks of pollution of all the EAST of Turkey is deliberately passed without a word.

We want to make the whole world aware of the wrongdoings carried out in Erzincan Turkey.

I think our text has not gone unnoticed the fall and these stock values ​​continue to fall.

see the evolution of the bources below.

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