Should we say “Sao Paulo” or “FOCH” aircraft carrier containing pollutants in Izmir

New Owner SÖK DENİZCİLİK and Erdogan’s Environment Minister Minimize CASE….

Will the Foch aircraft carrier really end up cut up in the port of Izmir? Blocked for the moment in Brazil, this 265-meter-long warship should be towed at the end of the year to Turkey to be delivered to the Sök Denizcilik shipyard, which must dismantle it in order to be able to resell its 24,000 tons of steel. The scrap dealer was offered for 1.6 million dollars during an auction this former flagship of the national navy sold in 2000 to Brazil. A bite of bread.

The dismantling should be spread over three years, until 2020, but no decision has yet been taken on the progress of this sensitive operation. The Brazilian government will have to be careful not to reproduce the misadventures experienced by Paris during the dismantling of the Foch’s sister ship, the Clemenceau, a soap opera that lasted from 2003 to 2010. As was the case on the Clem, there is a lot of asbestos aboard the São Paulo, among other harmful materials.

TWIN BROTHER OF FOCH and the problem of pollution.

After a journey to the Indian coast punctuated by multiple diplomatic and judicial adventures, the boat will finally have to return to Brest, making a double tour of Africa. A survey will show shortly after the extent of the asbestos areas to be treated on the ship: 17.5 km of pipes, 2.8 km of ventilation ducts, 2,380 m2 of projected asbestos, 3,920 m2 of asbestos mattress for the insulation, 7,120 m2 of slabs on the ground and 44,000 m2 of paint.

The environmental protection associations, the mayor of the city of IZMIR Sn SOYER and the media are against the polluting aircraft carrier… Slider%20Haber&utm_source=Cumhuriyet%20Anasayfa&utm_campaign=Slider%20Haber

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