Scissors increased in minimum wage and pension

The agenda of our country in 2022 consisted of economic problems, price hikes, and increases in the new minimum wage and pensions.

The overlapping hikes hurt the low-income group more. Although the hikes in the new period minimum wage and pensions have been announced, there are issues that are not detailed or need to be explained.

Although the increase in the minimum wage and the pensions are parallel to each other and the gap between them is not widened and the working or retirement life does not become an alternative to each other, the minimum wage determined for 2022, the increases in the pensions in the 2022/January period and a new lower level determined in the pensions. The table that emerges when the border pension application is compared by years is as follows:

The gross monthly minimum wage to be applied in 2022 by the Minimum Wage Determination Commission was determined as 5.004 TL and the net monthly minimum wage was determined as 4.253.40 TL. When these amounts are compared with the net and gross minimum wage amounts for 2021, it is understood that there has been an increase of 50.51 percent in the net minimum wage and 39.87 percent in the gross minimum wage.

In our labor and social security system, the gross minimum wage is taken into account in determining the premiums received and payments made, and the domestic and international service borrowing costs, especially for those insured by SSK and Bağ-Kur.

The minimum daily income for social security transactions was 166.80 TL, the maximum daily income was 1.251 TL, the monthly minimum income was 5.004 TL, and the maximum monthly income was 37.530 TL. Maximum earnings amounts are applied as 7.5 times the minimum earnings amounts.

On the other hand, when we look at the number of retirees in our country regarding the increase in pensions (according to the statistics of SGK 2021/October), the total number of retirees is 8 million 502 thousand 905 SSK, 2 million 710 thousand 614 Bağ-Kur and 2 million 377 thousand 106 retired civil servants. 13 million 590 thousand 625 people.

SSK and Bağ-Kur pensions are paid every year according to the inflation rate in the previous six months.

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