Salmanlı expelled from TRT: We will continue our struggle

Deniz Salmanlı, a 22-year-old TRT worker who was expelled for his social media posts, stated that the decision was arbitrary. Salmanlı said, “TRT gave an unlawful sentence before the process was concluded.”

Salmanlı expelled from TRT: We will continue our struggle


Deniz Salmanlı, a member of KESK Haber-Sen, who has been working as a Chief Mounter at the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) for 22 years, was dismissed from his job without compensation due to his social media posts. TRT opened a disciplinary investigation against Salmanlı for his social media posts. Salmanlı, who was suspended during the investigation process on April 9, was expelled on August 9, 4 months later. Haber-Sen’s request for a stay of execution, of which Salmanlı is a member, was rejected. It was stated that the social media posts that were the reason for the investigation were about the inappropriate transfer of archives in the TRT Harbiye building, the order of the harem greeting class in the TRT Promotion exam held by Hacı Bayram Veli University, the deputies Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu and Barış Atay and the anniversary of the Kızıldere massacre.

Deniz Salmanlı made statements to BirGün on the subject. Salmanlı said, “The TRT administration gave me an unlawful sentence before the process was concluded.”


Stating that the investigation process at TRT started on April 2, Salmanlı said, “I was asked about my criticisms about the careless transfer of archives during the relocation process of TRT. An investigation has also been launched on our friends who have talked about this before. We interpret this as an attitude towards the trade union struggle we have been waging in the process.”
Salmanlı said, “In the work we started with the union with the label of harem Selamlık on the subject, I was constantly asked about my sentence ‘We will not surrender to the darkness’. There, I reminded the principle of secularism and said that there can be no distinction between men and women, ”she said.


During his meeting with the inspector, Deputies Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu, Barış Atay….

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