Return ordeal of expats

Expatriates living in various European countries gathered at the Kapıkule Border Gate, where they came to go to the countries they lived in after their holidays in their homeland.
Released: 18:11 – August 12, 2021
Return ordeal of expats

The return journey of expatriates, who came to their homeland to spend their holidays from the European countries they lived in at the beginning of July, continues. Expatriates, who came to Kapıkule to return to their countries of residence, gathered in front of the border gate. Some citizens, who were preparing to exit Turkey by coming to the border gate under the hot weather, stated that they left the country with the sadness of leaving their homeland.


Murat Bozkurt, who lives in Frankfurt, Germany, stated that they could not come for 2 years due to the corona virus and stated that they were longing for it.

Bozkurt said, “The country is different. When we come to Turkey, even our psychology changes and improves. We look forward to working there for 1 year and spending time in Turkey. We will come back next year if we are lucky. We haven’t been able to come for 2 years because of the corona. We are so glad we came this year.”

Seyfi Uz, who lives in the Netherlands, said that they are sad to leave his family behind. Bozkurt said, “Our feelings are very mixed. We leave our family behind, you feel sorry for them, and they feel sorry for us. We earn 5-10 cents there, we come here, we see our family and feel morale. Now we are back on the way back. We hope to work for 1-2 years and save money and come back again,” he said.

Note: I’m also the founder of this site and “Let me make my comments as Alamancı.

HUMAN DRAMA: How can all of us, children, young, old, endure under the sun for 10 hours, under 40-45 oC? As middle-aged I had to complain to the French consulate in Greece (similar to Bulgaria) 3 hours later. Inhuman behavior. Although the Turkish customs are prepared, 10 – 15 customs officers are on duty, unfortunately, 1 customs officer of the country to go, OFFICIALLY TORTURE.

ENVIRONMENTAL DRAMA: In such a hot environment, people run their cars for 10 hours to protect themselves from this hot weather. Of course, CAR AIR CONDITIONERS WORK. Serious environmental pollution.

European and Turkish high-level officials should do what is necessary.

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