Our animals don’t eat gold!

An expert examination was held for Cengiz’s mining project in Çanakkale, accompanied by protests. Güven, 60, from the local community, said, “Our animals do not eat gold, they eat grass and want pasture. Let them leave our village alone!” said

Our animals don’t eat gold!


An expert discovery was made in the region for the Halilağa Copper Mine project, which was built by Cengiz Holding in the village of Hacıbekir, in the Bayramiç district of Çanakkale, where it was stated that 3 and a half million trees would be cut. The people of the region, who welcomed the expert and the court committee in the village square, protested the mine. Speaking before the discovery, 60-year-old Gülferit Güven said, “Let them hear us. “My village will perish just because one person will become rich,” he said.

An environmental impact assessment (EIA) positive decision was made last July for the gold-copper mine project to be built by the West Troy Company of Cengiz Holding. 80 people, TEMA and many associations brought the decision to the judiciary. In the lawsuit filed, the court decided to conduct an expert examination in the region. The delegation of experts, who came to the region yesterday, made a discovery to prepare a report and present it to the court.


While the citizens were not allowed into the region during the exploration, only TEMA officials accompanied the expert committee.

Speaking before the discovery, Gülferit Güven, one of the people of the region, reacted to the mining project. Güven started his speech by saying “Let them listen to us, let them hear us” and said, “I am 60 years old, I live in this village. Let them not touch our air and water. My animals do not eat gold, eat grass, want pasture.


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