New scandal in the YHT line with a cost of 20 billion TL

The scandals do not end on the Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​​​Train line, which was planned to be opened on September 4, 2021 by the President and AKP Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, but postponed and for which approximately 20 billion TL has been spent so far. CHP Sivas Deputy Ulaş Karasu, whose opening was postponed for the seventh time, said that there were collapses.
Posted: 17:54 – 05 Sep 2021 Updated: 18:51 – 05 Sep 2021

The opening of the Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) line, which has not been finished for 13 years, although the foundation was laid by the State Railways in 2008, was postponed for the seventh time. CHP Party Assembly Member and Sivas Deputy Ulaş Karasu suggested that the reason for the postponement of the opening was the collapse of the line due to the ground studies not done on time.

The opening ceremony of the Sivas-Ankara YHT line was to be held on September 4, the anniversary of the Sivas Congress. Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan and Mayor Hilmi Bilgin visited Sivas Train Station on Wednesday and checked the final preparations for the ceremony, in which President and AKP Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will also attend. But unexpectedly, the opening was delayed.


The foundation of the Ankara-Sivas YHT line was laid in 2008 with a budget of 9 billion TL.

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