Mount Ida Solidarity: When will Alamos Gold go?

Nature advocates continue to pursue their achievements in the fight against the pillage of nature in the Mount Ida by the Canadian company Alamos Gold.

18-01-2021 22:49

Advanced News

The struggle of nature advocates against the Kirazlı Gold and Silver Mine Capacity Increase and Enrichment Project carried out by the Canadian company Alamos Gold in the village of Kirazlı in Çanakkale is still continuing. Despite the pressure and sanctions against nature advocates, all the permits of the company were canceled at the end of their resistance. However, the company continues to exist in the Mount Ida.

Kazdağları Solidarity reacted to the company and the authorities with a statement including the questions asked by the authorities to answer. The statement included the following statements:

The long-standing struggle against the Kirazlı Gold and Silver Mine Capacity Increase and Enrichment Project of Canadian Alamos Gold (100% affiliate of Doğu Biga Madencilik A.Ş.) has been intensifying for the last two years, the Water and Conscience Watch, which lasted 425 days. With the tented resistance and the support of this struggle on national and international scale, the company's license numbered İR: 82225, which expired on October 13, 2019, could not be extended by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Although the company did not have a valid mining license since the expiry date of the license, it has continued its existence in the occupying position in the area for another year with forest permits.

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