It’s called work murder regime


ISIG (Occupational Health and Safety Assembly) shared the number of workers who died in occupational homicides on the 19th anniversary of November 3, 2002, when AKP came to power. During this period, at least 28,380 workers lost their lives.

In the statement of ISIG, it was said, “Laws enacted against the workers every year, decreasing purchasing power, a constant pressure against the struggles for rights and freedoms, and a work-killing regime in which precarious working conditions are implemented. This is the summary of 19 years.”

In the statement, some of the work murders that took place in 19 years were also shared.

Many worker massacres such as Soma, Davutpaşa, Ostim, Torunlar, Isparta, Düzce, Ermenek, Esenyurt, Erzurum, Samsun, Güllük, Elbistan, Şırnak, Dursunbey, Hendek, 3rd Airport, Tuzla Shipyards, Jeans Sandblasting took place in this period.

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