Intellectuals who became immortal in Madımak were commemorated: We are here not to forget

The intellectuals who lost their lives in the Madımak Massacre were commemorated with the march of thousands of people in Sivas. Relatives of those who lost their lives and representatives of political parties, emphasizing the injustice, said, “There is no timeout for crimes against humanity, we are here to make people forget.”

Intellectuals who became immortal in Madımak were commemorated: We are here not to forget

33 intellectuals who were killed in Sivas on July 2, 1993 by the burning of the Madımak Hotel by the reactionaries were commemorated with an event held in the city.

About 5 thousand people, consisting of representatives of democratic mass organizations and political parties under the name of Sivas Democracy Platform, gathered on the Seyrantepe District and marched to the city square via the Mevlana Street route.

From here, we passed in front of the old Madımak Hotel building. Participants of the event left carnations and photographs of those who lost their lives in the incident at the entrance of the old Madımak Hotel, the current Science and Culture Center building. While the number of participants was limited last year due to the pandemic, no restrictions were made this year.

CHP Group Deputy Chairman Özgür Özel, who made a statement on behalf of his party after he left carnations in front of the old hotel building, emphasized that there will be no timeout for crimes against humanity, and said, “In the 28th year of this great pain and massacre, together with our 15 deputies, we want to express the feelings of solidarity here from all over Turkey. We are here about. Once again we share the pain. As you know, crimes against humanity have been defined according to our penal code, and Madımak is a crime against humanity. That’s why there can be no statute of limitations.”


According to DHA, CHP Özel continued his words as follows:

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“The fact that those who perceive the time-lapse news as good news and give good news about it are in the administration of the country does not change this fact. That’s why we say that this massacre will not be out of time. It is necessary to warn once again in order not to forget the authorities, who were not extradited to Turkey by Germany for various reasons even though their crimes were finalized, and who did not do what is necessary for this extradition. Those who circulate freely in Germany, and even those used by German intelligence, are punished for a crime against humanity that has been finalized in Turkey. They must be immediately detained and delivered to Turkey. The rulers of the state should also show the necessary determination in this regard. We are here not to forget and not to be forgotten. Someone is trying to forget. The name of Madımak and the shame museum are not written in the building behind us. Behind us is a building belonging to the Special Provincial Administration. We come in front of him and leave carnations. This struggle will continue until it becomes a museum of shame. The fact that the names of the two murderers inside are still standing strengthens the belief that the state is not the partner of this shame, but the founder. Our application has been pending at the Constitutional Court for 7 years. This application is delayed each time for various reasons.”

Comment : Let Madımak BE A MUSEUM OF HUMANITY :
No religion has the word “Kill PEOPLE”. We need to show the necessity of Humanity against this atrocity. Unfortunately, when I went 2 years ago, all traces were deleted 🙁

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