Dijon: advertising panels for real estate projects hijacked by activists

Saturday April 17, 2021 at 5:36 pm – By Adrien Beria, France Bleu

Several billboards announcing real estate projects were hijacked by an activist collective, Saturday, April 17, 2021, in the Dijon metropolitan area. They protest against “excessive concreteization”.

A sign near the Golden Fleece in Dijon
A sign near the Golden Fleece in Dijon – Collective “Le cri des terrains”
“Stop your concrete, we are going into the wall”. A dozen panels, installed on four sites under construction in Dijon, were diverted, Saturday April 17, 2021, using tags, tarpaulins or banners. It is the work of militants and activists who protest against about thirty real estate projects. “Our action aims to challenge the inhabitants of the Dijon metropolis on the programmed destruction of hundreds of hectares of natural and cultivable spaces, promised by the local urban plan (PLUi-HD)”, indicates the collective Le Cri land in a press release.


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