Cyanide pools in Mazıdağı Eti Bakır

Cengiz Holding carries the chalcopyrite concentrate from the copper mine in Küre to Mazıdağı and separates them in cyanide pools and separates them in gold, silver, etc. His claims to obtain precious metal strengthened

Cengiz Holding, which bought Eti Bakır, revealed findings supporting the claims that it wanted to obtain precious metals such as gold and silver by separating copper pyrites in cyanide pools at the Copper Metal Recovery and Integrated Fertilizer Facilities in Mardin Mazıdağı. In the plants consisting of 5 units, the factory employees had explained to MA that studies on gold separation were carried out. According to the information obtained from the workers; It was stated that a cyanide pool, which has never been mentioned until today, is about to be completed and separation of cyanide and gold for the public is among the primary goals of the holding.

Eti Bakır was given to Cengiz

Mazıdağı of Eti Bakır, which was established by the public many years ago

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