Clean Air for Adana

Clean Air for Adana

Iskenderun Bay, where thermal power plants and many industrial establishments are located, is under the threat of heavy pollutants. In addition to the existing pollutants, it is planned to make a Thermal Power Plant with Hunutlu Coal Power Plant on the Sugözü coast of Adana’s Yumurtalık District. …

Project impact on air quality and public health

Adana central air pollutants (PM10) limit values ​​specified in Turkey’s doubles, while the World Health Organization recommended value over four times and unhealthy air. Adana breathed this polluted air for 236 days, 65% of the year, throughout 2019 …..

The impact of the project on agricultural lands and agricultural activity in the region

Iskenderun Bay, where the project is planned, is located between Hatay and Adana provinces. Thanks to favorable climatic conditions, Adana is very important in terms of Turkey’s agricultural production. The Hatay provides 20% of citrus production in Turkey. The main livelihood of the people of the region is agricultural activities. …..

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