334 thousand hectares of plunder: “A betrayal company runs the forests”

In the last 8 of the AKP government, 334 thousand 35 hectares of wooded area of ​​”public interest” was opened to the use of private enterprise to. Today, the area used for non-forestry purposes in Turkey has reached 739 thousand hectares. Forest Law, the AKP is subject to change close to 40 stating Agriculture forest-Business Association President Şükrü Durmus, “Turkey’s forests are managed by a company betrayal,” he said.

Miray Ozbilek
02 April 2021 Friday, 04:00
Pillage of 334 thousand hectares:

Turkey in the last 8 years of the AKP government, 334 thousand 35 hectares of wooded area of ​​”public interest” grounds showing the mining, energy and opened to the use of the private sector for activities such as tourism. Space used for today purposes outside the forestry reached 739 thousand hectares. Most 49 Although the areas that were rented for a year lost their feature of being forests after the destruction they suffered, they continued to appear as forest areas on paper.

Thousands of trees were cut down in this process for the infrastructure and road works for transportation to the areas. The integrity of the forest areas opened to rents was broken and divided into thousands of parts. This fragmentation has increased 56 percent in the last 11 years.

Agriculture, Forestry Workers Union President said that plundered much more space than Shukri said Durmus, “Turkey’s total area of ​​76 million hectares of land area. 22 million hectares of this is forest area. And the General Directorate of Forestry carries out the necessary work to protect, develop and carry these forest areas to the future. While the forests are being operated, the continuity of the forest is ensured, and this has continued for 182 years. Until the AKP came to power, about the management of forests at the world level; There was a strict protection with the articles 169, 170, 172 and 174 of the Constitution and the Forest Law numbered 6831. Here, it was ensured that the claim of protecting forest villagers and leaving the forests for tomorrow was supported, and the forest product found the interest it deserved in the sector ”.



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