1634 mining exploration license granted #KazDaglariYanıyor

By telegram –
August 23, 2021

A forest fire broke out at around 09.30 in the Dereağzı location on the upper part of Kavurmacılar District in Kazdağı National Park in Edremit district. Noticing the smoke rising from the mountainous area, the neighborhood informed the fire brigade. Thereupon, a large number of sprayers from Edremit and Balıkesir Forest Management Directorates, Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality fire trucks and water tankers, 3 planes and 9 firefighting helicopters were directed to the region. The work to pave the way with dozers to the region where there is no land access has been started.

According to the information from the region, forest fires that broke out at two different points in Kaz Mountains are intervened by air and land.

It is thought-provoking that the political power, which is insufficient in responding to fires in Turkey, does not take precautions in Kazdağları despite all the experiences.


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