At the 11th Green Economy Conference, we are here with a call for young researchers on green and fair transformation!

As the Green Thought Association, we are calling for an article to include academic studies that can contribute to a green and equitable transformation in Turkey at the 11th Green Economy Conference, to be held as part of the program of green economy, which we conduct with the representative of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung Turkey.

As part of the session in which the abstracts will be presented at the conference, it is planned to present studies from a green perspective, which analyze some of the following topics or problems on the database, address proposals for solutions in terms of seeking a new social consensus, and defining policies with concrete tools;

The European Green Consensus and its effects on the Turkish economy
Green transformation for Turkey
Fair transformation in the world and in Turkey
Post-COVID 19 countries and the green economy
Reviews of Fair Transformation Experiences Around the World

Qualifications expected of candidates, October 18.


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